Mujer Reina Diosa Hechicera

La Voz Humana

LvMa 02

Desde el primer momento se produce una fascinación mutua del uno hacia el otro, fascinación que solo se produce cuando alguien muestra en nuestras narices aquello que creemos que nos falta.

Outside today there is a storm
Will you sweep me in your arms, will you keep me warm
Like the wind sweeps the autumn leaves
This is the wedding of the wind and the trees

My love for you is so much more than emotion
It’s like the long cool rain falling to the sea
This is the wedding of the sky and the ocean
It’s reflected in all that I see
What can I say, it’s all that I see

I’m going to carve these words in the stone
Let it be known
We have sealed these words in the heart
This is the start of so much discovery
Like children gathering shells by the sea
Won’t you walk through this gateway with me?

And when you’re gone your presence remains in the room
Dancing in the darkness, singing in the silence
This is the wedding of the sun and the moon
I can hear Krishna’s flute playing off in the distance

«THE WEDDING POEM» by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Love You



Hay cosas que son mías, por ejemplo.

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